Geometric Cat Sculpture: From 3D to Paper Mache

This is Buttercup. Yes, yes, she’s very cute. So let’s make a sculpture of her! You probably have a cat as cute as Buttercup (well almost as cute) so why not make your own art piece?
Buttercup Xmas
Here she is again hanging out with her doppelganger.
Cat Sculpture
Which one is Buttercup you may ask? I get them confused myself. Ok, enough nonsense. Continue reading “Geometric Cat Sculpture: From 3D to Paper Mache”


Using Adobe’s Notification Air Native Extension with Flash Professional for Android Devices


  • Show you how to use Adobe’s Notification ANE (Air Native Extension) with Flash Professional CS5.5 or later for output to Android devices
  • Provide you with all the necessary info and files for a sample project

Note: There is a much improved Notification ANE (based on Adobe’s version) posted by the awesome Juan Carlos Pazmiño.
It adds firedates. This is invaluable since notifications in iOS cannot be fired off while the app is in the background (since App’s are usually paused by iOS) without this feature. And it allows for custom notification audio (iOS only). Jaun also has a sample project that obviously makes better use of the firedate features than mine. So I would recommend using his ANE and sample files for use with iOS. Continue reading “Using Adobe’s Notification Air Native Extension with Flash Professional for Android Devices”